Boilers have been a popular method for heating homes for quite some time. One of the reasons for this is that they are an energy-efficient system, in that the heat they produce is directly used. That means that by using a boiler to heat your home, there is no need for the utilization of an additional type of energy. They are also cost-effective since nearly all of their fuel turns into heat. At Markool Heating & Cooling, we are boiler experts, so you can trust us when we stress the importance of having your investment receive routine maintenance.

Let’s take you through all of the reasons why routine maintenance of your boiler is so critical.


The most clear and obvious reason for having routine maintenance performed on your boiler is for the safety of you and your loved ones. Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas that can cause or exasperate health problems as well as make it difficult to breathe. In fact, carbon monoxide poisoning can be deadly. Boilers produce heat as well as this gas, which makes them potentially one of the most dangerous machines in your household. When functioning properly, the carbon monoxide produced by boiler vents to the outside of your home by means of an exhaust pipe. Should you have a leak, however, the carbon monoxide not fully making its way outside could be a serious issue.

There is also the possibility that an issue with your boiler could lead to a fire in your home. Boilers have been known to explode due to overheating, mechanical failure, excess pressure, or leaking gas.

Routine maintenance of your boiler dramatically cuts down on the chances of it causing a safety issue in your home.

Keeping Down Energy Costs

While a boiler is generally considered to be an energy-efficient and cost-effective method of heating your home, this is dependent on whether it is running optimally. Having routine maintenance performed on your boiler by one of the professionals at Markool Heating & Cooling can help cut down on energy costs, keeping them manageable during the coldest months of the year when your boiler gets the most utilization. A maintained boiler can often save homeowners over 10% on their energy bills. When you consider that the average lifespan of a boiler is generally a decade or longer, this adds up to some serious savings over time.

Extending the Lifespan of Your Boiler

Boilers can be a pricey investment, so it makes sense that you would want yours to last. Routine maintenance of your boiler by one of our technicians can help you get a significant boost in the length of time your boiler can work to keep you and your family cozy and comfortable. Just looking at the numbers, a well-maintained boiler can easily avoid replacement for 15 years or more. When you consider that a new boiler typically runs into the five figures, it is definitely worth keeping yours well-maintained. This is in order to hold off on that kind of expense for as long as you can.

Saving Money on Repairs

Maintaining your boiler on a regular basis doesn’t just save you money on your energy bill or the cost of an early replacement. Routine maintenance can also catch issues while they are minor. This means that repairs will be small and relatively inexpensive. In contrast, by neglecting to have your boiler maintained, small issues that might not be apparent to you can expand in severity over time. The price of repair can also balloon with the size of the issue.

A Lower Chance of Having a Breakdown

The winter months are an inopportune time for your boiler to have a breakdown. Not only is being cold uncomfortable, but it could pose health risks for you and your family. Routine maintenance of your boiler can help ensure that you won’t run into a breakdown during the coldest time of the year.

Many customers in the area who do not practice regular maintenance experience boiler breakdowns in the winter, so that could potentially mean a longer wait time for service. By having one of the team members at Markool Heating & Cooling perform maintenance on your boiler ahead of the winter, you can feel confident that a breakdown is less likely and that you and your loved ones will feel warm all throughout the chilly season.

Compliance With Safety Laws

If you are a commercial business owner or a landlord whose property utilizes a boiler, there may be strict guidelines that need following in order to avoid a fine. In many areas, business owners and landlords face legal mandates to keep their boilers in solid working order by having routine maintenance performed. This is particularly true if your building uses a natural draft boiler.

Natural draft boilers require a yearly inspection, showing that they are producing less than a certain amount of carbon monoxide through the draft. This is because these types of boilers can be more prone to carbon monoxide spillage. If you are compliant, then you receive an inspection tag that needs updating on a yearly basis. Having a member of the team at Markool Heating & Cooling perform your routine boiler maintenance can save you from having to incur a financial penalty.

Maintaining Your Warranty

Many boiler manufacturers offer customers warranties as well as other types of guarantees, but it is important to understand the fine print. It is not unheard of for a customer to contact the boiler manufacturer to find out that what they thought would receive coverage actually isn’t, due to neglect. In order for your warranties and other services offered by the manufacturer to remain valid, you will need to have regular maintenance performed on your system. It is also worth noting that warranties and other service offers do expire after a certain defined length of time. By having routine maintenance performed on your boiler, you can catch issues ahead of the expiration of your warranty.

Professional Advice and Upgrades

Having professional routine maintenance on your boiler gives you the advantage of receiving specialized expertise and knowledge. Our trained technicians at Markool Heating & Cooling have both the expertise and the skills to do thorough inspections, identify existing or potential issues, and offer recommendations. One category of recommendations offered is energy-efficient adjustments and upgrades. These may include the installation of thermostats that are programmable, the optimization of control settings, or system enhancements.

Your Frederick Boiler Experts

If you are in Frederick, MD, or the surrounding area, and are a homeowner or business with a boiler, having routine maintenance on your investment is the wise choice. At Markool Heating & Cooling, we offer more than 20 years of experience with boilers and other types of heating systems. You can count on our NATE-certified technicians to provide you with exemplary customer service as well as the utmost dedicated professionalism.

We bring this kind of care to all of the services that we provide, and that isn’t just with boilers or other heating systems. Our company can also be your go-to for your cooling and plumbing needs as well. If you are ready to experience the Markool Heating & Cooling difference, give us a call today or fill out our handy online form.

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