What Are HEPA Filters?
July 10

What Are HEPA Filters?

High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters were invented in the 1940s during World War II. The US Army Chemical Corps and National Defense Research Committee engineers… View Article Read More

Why Boilers Need Routine Maintenance
May 23

Why Boilers Need Routine Maintenance

Boilers have been a popular method for heating homes for quite some time. One of the reasons for this is that they are an energy-efficient… View Article Read More

Where Can Mini Splits Be Installed?
May 9

Where Can Mini Splits Be Installed?

Ductless mini-split HVAC systems are gaining popularity due to their flexibility and energy efficiency. However, some homeowners interested in these modern marvels still don’t understand… View Article Read More

What To Consider When Installing Commercial HVAC
May 5

What To Consider When Installing Commercial HVAC

The comfort and health of occupants within your commercial space are intrinsically linked to the quality of your HVAC system. Choosing the right system can… View Article Read More

April 16

Pros and Cons of Rooftop HVAC Placement

Selecting the best spot to install an HVAC system is a critical decision with serious ramifications for the performance, productivity, and comfort of the building’s… View Article Read More

April 1

Do I Have Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

If you’re a homeowner here in Frederick, MD, you likely know that the law requires the installation of carbon monoxide detectors in all homes built… View Article Read More

March 20

Is HVAC Financing Worth It?

Your HVAC system is responsible for maintaining the desired temperature and circulating clean air throughout your home. During the hot summer days and cold winter… View Article Read More

Heating services with Markool
February 15

9 Reasons Your House Is Too Dry

As the winter cold strengthens its hold, you may find yourself dealing with excessively dry indoor air. Apart from the common throat and skin irritation,… View Article Read More

Central Air vs. Ductless Systems
February 13

Central Air vs. Ductless Systems

If you’re looking to add air conditioning to your home, you may have the option to choose either a central AC system or ductless air… View Article Read More

That's why it is important that you follow these tips to ensure your Frederick boiler always operates safely.
February 6

Boiler Safety 101

Radiant heating is extremely effective and helps to maintain a more consistently warm and comfortable indoor environment compared to most other types of heating. One… View Article Read More