Regular servicing of your HVAC system is essential to ensuring a safe, clean, home. Maintenance can prevent the buildup of harmful pollutants like mold and mildew, which can build up and saturate the components of your system and the air you breathe. Scheduled work on your HVAC system can extend its lifespan, improve energy efficiency, and reduce the likelihood of costly repairs. To maintain healthy indoor air quality, it’s recommended to have your HVAC system serviced at least once annually by a licensed professional who can inspect and clean various components of your system.

What Happens When System Breakdown Occurs?

During HVAC system breakdown, your unit will fail to perform as intended, resulting in heating and cooling issues that may make your home uncomfortable. You may see a rise in energy bills due to inefficient operation, during which time you may need to call on portable heating and cooling devices, which could drive energy costs even higher. Catastrophic breakdowns of an HVAC system do not likely present themselves suddenly; it’s quite possible that your system has been in a state of decline for quite some time. Failing to notice the signs and symptoms of HVAC breakdown will result in significant repair or even replacement costs; taking proactive measures to protect and maintain your system will be the best line of defense against system failure. Look for these signs that your heating system may need prompt repair.

Unusual Noises

Unusual noises from your HVAC system are a clear indicator of malfunction and eventual breakdown. Some common noises that you may hear coming from your central unit and ductwork include:

  • Grinding
  • Rattling
  • Screeching
  • Banging

Your fan motor, bearings, ductwork, and belts may all be the culprit of these annoying and problematic noises. Get such noises checked out promptly to avoid more serious damage to your unit and ductwork.

Reduced Airflow

Reduced airflow from the vents in your home can indicate a problem with your system. Poor airflow can be caused by a number of factors.

Clogged Air Filters

Clogged air filters can restrict the flow of air through your system, causing your unit to work harder than it should to heat and cool your home. As a filter becomes saturated, it can release debris into ductwork and other parts of your unit, causing issues with mechanical components. Dirty filters also contribute to poor indoor air quality, which may have significant and lasting impacts on your health.

Dirty Evaporator Coil

If the evaporator coil in your air conditioner is dirty or caked with debris, it can restrict the flow of air moving through your system, reducing its efficiency and the volume of its airflow.

Heating and Cooling Issues

Reduced airflow moving through your unit will inevitably result in heating and cooling issues in your home. Whether it’s due to poor volume, blocked vents, or a malfunctioning fan, you may experience inconsistent temperatures and high humidity in your home as a result of poor airflow.

Higher-Than-Normal Energy Bills

Higher-than-normal energy bills indicates a problem with an HVAC system as well. When your system is functioning normally, it should be able to maintain temperatures in your home efficiently while using the minimum amount of energy necessary. When repair and replacement are necessary, your system may consume more energy in order to maintain desired temperatures and humidity levels, leading to higher energy costs. Common causes of increased energy consumption include inefficient operation, leaky ductwork, a dirty air filter, and refrigerant leaks. Noticing these spikes in your monthly bill should inspire you to make an appointment with your HVAC professional to determine the cause of your issue and to make recommendations for repair or replacement.

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