When the time comes to have your furnace replaced, you’ll surely want to know how long you can expect the installation to take. If your furnace suddenly gives out and stops working during the winter, you’ll be happy to know that replacing it with a new unit usually takes the technicians just a day or maybe two. Installing a new furnace is typically a two-person job that takes somewhere between five and 10 hours on average. One thing to note is that this time is only for the installation itself. Before a furnace can be installed, a technician will first need to evaluate your home and calculate what size your new unit needs to be, which will often take a day or so.

Factors That Can Impact the Installation Time

It is important to understand that five to 10 hours is just an average, and the job could potentially take several days depending on the type and size of the furnace and where in the home it’s located. The heating installation can also take longer if the technicians encounter any unforeseen issues or if any parts of your HVAC system need to be replaced or repaired for your new furnace to function properly.

Furnace Type

The type of furnace being installed is always a major factor in how long the process will take. Conventional furnaces are easier to install and take less time than installing a high-efficiency condensing furnace. This is especially true if you’re upgrading from a conventional furnace to a condensing unit. Condensing furnaces are much more energy efficient since they have a secondary heat exchanger that allows the unit to absorb and utilize much more of the heat it produces. This results in the combustion fumes produced by the furnace cooling down to the point that condensation forms inside the unit. As such, the installation will take longer as the technicians must install a condensate drain system to direct the water outside or into your sewer system.

Age and Condition of HVAC Blower

The HVAC blower or fan is what pulls cool air into the furnace and blows the heated air back out into the home. If you also have a central AC system, the same blower works for it as well. The blower doesn’t always need to be replaced when installing a new furnace, but it depends on its age, condition, and how well it works. If the blower is the same age as your existing furnace, you are always better off replacing it, as this will help your heating system work more effectively. Replacing the blower or repairing it if it has any issues is a fairly straightforward task, but it will still add a bit of time to the installation.

If you’re installing a variable-speed furnace, you will need to have a new blower installed. This is because variable-speed units have to be paired with variable-speed blowers, and most older HVAC systems have a single-speed blower.

Furnace Location

Most furnaces are located in the basement or possibly in a closet on the ground floor if it’s a single-story home without a basement. In some homes, the furnace is in the attic or underneath the house in the crawl space. If your furnace is in the attic or crawl space, the installation may take a few hours more since these areas tend to be more challenging to access.

Condition of the Ductwork

The condition of your existing ductwork can be a major factor in determining how long the installation takes. If your ductwork is less than 20 years old and still in good shape and not leaking, installing the new furnace is typically fairly easy and won’t take all that long. If your ductwork is old or damaged, the installation will take much longer since the technician will need to repair or replace some or all of the ducts. We offer duct cleaning services as well.

Gas Lines and Electrical Connections

When installing the furnace, the technician will inspect the condition of the gas lines and all of the electrical connections and wiring. Replacing the gas line or running new wiring between the electrical panel and the furnace will typically increase the total installation time by at least a few hours.

Expert Furnace Installation Services

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