Your thermostat plays a significant role in your HVAC system. If the device is placed incorrectly, you’re likely to suffer serious temperature inconsistencies during the year. You could also lose hundreds of dollars due to energy wastefulness. Don’t let a poor thermostat placement wreak havoc on your budget and comfort. Find the best place for your thermostat by following this easy guide.

Best Placement Options

Most of the walls and rooms in your home aren’t great for thermostat placements. When determining the best spot for your device, consider placing it in the center of your home in a room that is frequently used. The living area and foyer are often great spots where the family spends their leisure time during the day. The thermostat should be placed in the area you want the most comfortable.

The device should be on an interior wall about four to five feet above the floor. To ensure your device is measuring the average temperature in the room, you don’t want it too high or too low. Hot air rises to the top of the room while cold air sits toward the bottom. Placing your thermostat incorrectly can cause the readings to always be slightly off.

While you may be inclined to hide your thermostat out of sight, the device needs easy access to the temperature in the room. Place it on an unobstructed wall away from any shelves or appliances that could influence its readings. Thermostats are small devices that don’t typically disturb a room’s decor.

If you have a smart thermostat, make sure to place your device close to or at least in range of your Wi-Fi router. A smart thermostat needs a strong connection to maintain its capabilities. Without Wi-Fi, your device may turn off, malfunction, or lose some of its abilities.

Placements to Avoid

Never position your thermostat in an area that receives a lot of direct sunlight. The heat from the sun will affect the internal thermometer, influencing it to always read a higher temperature. This will cause your air conditioning to kick on constantly in the summer while keeping your furnace off for longer in the winter. Any influence on your thermostat can affect your home’s comfort and security.

You should also avoid placing the device near windows, doors, or vents. Many standard windows are drafty, letting in cold air from outside the home. The constant breeze from the windows or vents can affect the thermostat and result in an incorrect temperature reading. Doors often cause the same issue to a lesser degree. As people move throughout the home, they affect the air around them. The best way to guarantee your thermostat is accurately reading the temperature is to minimize drafts near the device.

Hallways and closets don’t make for good placement spots either. These are areas of the home that aren’t used often. An average thermostat doesn’t read the temperature of the whole home. Instead, the device monitors the room it’s in and then turns on the HVAC system to raise or lower the temperature to the desired range. If you place your thermostat in a room that isn’t often used, you’re more likely to be uncomfortable.

Finally, avoid putting your thermostat near your kitchen or bathroom or on an exterior wall. Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the home. With the constant foot traffic along with the big appliances like the stove, the kitchen tends to run hotter than other rooms. This consistent heat can easily influence your thermostat. The bathroom is similar in that you could easily take a hot shower one day and send your air conditioning into overdrive. Exterior walls are typically colder than the rest of the home due to their direct contact with the outside.

Turn to the Professionals

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