As a homeowner in Frederick, MD, and the surrounding areas, you rely on the efficiency of your plumbing for almost all your household activities. Therefore, you must ensure that you keep all your systems in good shape to function for longer. This job requires your effort and that of our [company_ name] professional plumbers. We can help you take care of your system so that you can improve your bathroom and kitchen experience and avoid costly repairs. Here are a few tips to guide you on what to do.

Avoid Flushing Wipes

One of the top plumbing problems in Frederick and the surrounding areas is clogging, which results from improper flushing. We recommend using the toilet to dispose of only human waste and toilet paper. All other sanitary wipes and products should go to the dustbin, even if the manufacturer labels them flushable.

All wipes do not easily disintegrate in water, and therefore, when you throw them in the toilet, they will not break down. This will lead to blocking the toilet drain or sewer line, especially if it happens several times. You should also not throw giant wands of tissue paper in the toilet since they may not absorb water quickly, thus making it hard for them to flow away.

Prompt Repairs

It is essential that you schedule plumbing repairs as soon as you notice an issue with the fixtures or pipes. Delayed professional intervention may worsen the situation, causing more damage and expensive repairs. However, when our plumbers step in in good time, you can prevent a significant plumbing breakdown. Plumbing problems may also lead to moisture damage to your home, so you need to act quickly to prevent that.

The common signs of a developing plumbing problem include the following:

  • Slow wastewater drainage
  • Low water pressure
  • Leaking pipes and fixtures
  • Smelly drains
  • Discolored water
  • Noisy pipes
  • Wet patches above the pipes
  • Increasing water bills

At [company_ name], we discourage DIY plumbing techniques since they risk worsening the situation and harming you. Using chemical drain cleaners causes the pipes to erode, thus weakening them and shortening their lifespan. You should rely on our trained plumbers, who have the necessary skills and equipment to handle all plumbing issues effectively for long-lasting results.

Regular Plumbing Maintenance

In addition to timely repairs, you need to schedule annual maintenance appointments for your plumbing system. In these sessions, we inspect all pipes and fixtures for wear and tear, leaks, and other damage. Our plumbers use these appointments to fix minor issues before they advance to cause major problems. When you adhere to the annual check-ups, your plumbing will work optimally throughout the year. You will also avoid costly repairs or extensive damage that may require replacements. We also advocate regular maintenance to help you know when to upgrade your plumbing for increased efficiency.

Invest in Garbage Disposal and Drain Sieves

The garbage disposal is an essential unit for every homeowner in Frederick. This unit breaks down all food particles thrown down the kitchen sink into tiny particles that cannot clog the drains. However, you should not throw huge chunks of food since they may overwhelm the garbage disposal. With regular maintenance, this unit will reduce pipe blockage, giving your drains a longer lifespan.

Drain sieves are also an essential addition to your plumbing system. These covers go on your bathroom sinks, bathtubs, and shower drains to trap items like hair, soap, and other solids that try to enter the drainage. The mesh-like covers allow you to collect and dispose of these things appropriately.

Plant Trees Away from Pipes

Many people love planting trees in their compounds for shade and beauty. However, you should plant them away from your mainline and drain pipes to prevent damage to your underground lines. Tree roots usually grow toward the source of moisture and will get to the pipes for water and minerals. It is important to remember that the roots can grow up to three times the tree’s height. They quickly get through the lines and cause obstructions and water leakage.

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