Is your AC malfunctioning? Are you experiencing inconsistent temperature control in your home, increased energy bills, or water leaks around the system? These could be indicators that your AC needs repair. Don’t ignore these warning signs; neglecting them could lead to more severe and costly issues.

A functional and efficient air conditioning system is crucial for maintaining a comfortable indoor environment, especially during the hot summer. However, your AC unit may experience issues over time like any other mechanical device. This blog post provides a comprehensive analysis of the warning signs indicating your AC needs repair.

Decreased Cooling Capacity

This is the number one sign that your AC unit needs repair services. If you are experiencing less than optimal cooling performance, this may indicate a refrigerant leak or drain issue. When the refrigerant level is low, it lowers the cooling capacity of the AC unit and creates a host of other problems.

You must have refrigerant levels checked by a professional technician before dealing with these issues. Some types of refrigerant aren’t used anymore, which can lead to complete replacement with a new kind. Of course, there are other causes for decreased cooling capacity, such as a dirty filter, thermostat issues, and a faulty compressor.

High Energy Bills

If you spend a lot of money on your monthly energy bill, your AC unit could be inefficient. An inefficient AC unit takes more energy to achieve the same cooling result. If you see an increase in your energy bill, inspecting your AC unit for leaks and malfunctions is a good idea.

Your AC unit may require a tune-up or replacement. For older models, you can ask the manufacturer to recommend possible repairs. If you need help identifying the cause of your high energy bills, you can hire an HVAC professional to inspect the unit.

Excessive or Odd Noise

If your AC is making loud clicking or grinding noises, it indicates incorrect function and potential equipment malfunction. This includes corroded pipes, fittings, system leaks, and loose parts. Worn-out compressors are notorious for breaking down. Regular maintenance will help prevent this issue. However, if you experience this noise regularly, contact an HVAC repair professional at Markool Heating & Cooling.

Unusual Smell

If you notice a strange smell emanating from your AC system, this could indicate that your system is leaking. A leak can cause various issues, from mold and mildew to extreme unit damage. To maintain the health and efficiency of your AC unit, you should have it inspected by an HVAC professional every spring. Spring gives you time to schedule a repair and has it fitted before the summer season, which is when you’ll need it most.

Water Leaks Around the System

While water leaks are not always ominous signs, they can also indicate a significant problem with your AC unit. Water leaks are potentially dangerous because they can cause severe damage to your system and home. They can also cause other issues, such as mold and mildew growth. To avoid these issues, schedule regular inspections from a reliable service provider.

Little or No Airflow

This is another indication of a problem with your AC unit. If the unit is not producing as much airflow as it should, it could indicate several issues. A blocked unit, broken fan blades, or a loose filter are common causes of this issue. Airflow problems can also create other problems, so it’s best to call an HVAC professional to inspect the unit.

Inadequate airflow could lead to health problems due to high levels of indoor pollutants. It can also lead to more severe issues, such as a mold or mildew outbreak and stagnant indoor air quality. Your family needs good indoor air quality, so you must keep your AC unit clean and functioning.

AC Short Cycling

Short cycling is when your AC turns on and off quickly. Though it seems minor, it can cause many other problems. Short cycling can cause extreme wear and tear on your AC unit, not to mention its impact on your energy bills. To avoid these problems, it’s best to call a professional HVAC technician to check your AC unit.

The Experts at Markool Heating & Cooling

If you are experiencing any of these warning signs, having your AC unit inspected by Markool Heating & Cooling as soon as possible is essential. Serving the greater Frederick, MD area, we offer various services, including residential and commercial AC repair and installation, plumbing, and heating.

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