Summer is supposed to be a time of relaxation and easy living. However, if your home’s air conditioning system suddenly stops working during the hot season, you might be in trouble. Not only can a broken air conditioner cause an uncomfortable environment, but the health of your family members or pets might also rely on having a cool living space.

One way to protect against such issues is to have regular maintenance performed on your air conditioning system. Understanding this need can lead you to wonder how frequently you should have your air conditioning unit serviced.

Once a Year

In general, you can schedule maintenance for your air conditioner once per year. Most professionals recommend scheduling maintenance for the spring so that your air conditioner is ready to keep your house cool in the summer.

One useful idea is to sign up for a maintenance plan with your HVAC company, as doing so could entitle you to priority appointments. In other words, you can get an appointment for maintenance more quickly during the busy seasons. If you choose not to sign up for a regular maintenance plan, be prepared for potentially longer wait times to get an appointment. Many other people will be scheduling service for their air conditioners as well. Call early to secure your spot.

Twice a Year

For a variety of reasons, some people choose to have their air conditioning systems serviced at least twice per year. Individuals who do so usually schedule one appointment for the spring and another for the fall.

This plan allows you to get the system checked out before you start operating the air conditioner for the season and when you are finished using the system prior to the start of the cold months. Speaking with your HVAC specialist is a smart way to determine if you should schedule service once or twice a year, but you can also consider some signs that the latter option is the right choice.

Older System

If your home has had the same air conditioning system for a long time, getting service twice per year can be the more prudent decision. Older systems are simply more prone to wear and tear.

At the end of another hot season during which you’re constantly cranking up the temperature on the air conditioner, getting the system inspected can reveal any issues that might be starting to pop up. For example, your HVAC specialist may recommend that you think about entirely replacing the system before the next summer season.

Eager for Upgrades

When you love getting all of the most recent upgrades for your air conditioning system, opting for maintenance twice per year can keep you informed as to what the latest available options are. You can also find out if your system is compatible with the upgrades. Some people avoid upgrades because of the associated costs. However, the truth is that an upgraded system can lead to lower bills and better usage of your air conditioning system.

For example, you might choose updates that make your air conditioning unit more energy efficient, which can decrease your monthly bills. Also, your licensed technician can let you know about upgrades that might be coming next season so that you can prepare and consider what options are best for your home.

Recurring Issues

In the event that your home’s air conditioning system tends to experience technical problems, consider getting the unit serviced more than once per year. During your spring service session, the technician might inform you about a developing problem. Scheduling service in the fall can keep you informed as to whether or not the original resolution to the problem worked or if further action is needed. Then, you can decide if replacing parts of the entire system is appropriate before the upcoming spring.

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