We are experts in furnace repair in Clarksburg, MD. Have confidence in us to fix your heating unit problems. You may have noticed temperature irregularities, unusually high energy bills, and the room temperature does not match the thermostat. The furnace might be making strange noises and giving you frustrating experiences. Our Markool Heating & Cooling team provides comprehensive and need-specific heating repair solutions because they understand these situations. So, if you have any doubts about the condition of your furnace, call us to perform a tune-up and repair all the faulty parts of your unit.

Credible Furnace Repair in Clarksburg

Your furnace will likely run into problems, and early repair is usually better. Usually, the furnace might have issues such as weak air coming out of the vents; these minor conditions are relatively inexpensive to fix. Unusual odors are warning signs that your furnace needs minor service or comprehensive repair. Strange smells in your home might have resulted from a fault in a heating device. If the furnace is the source, call our experts immediately. Temperature irregularities may also be a serious concern. If some spaces are cool and others are warm, your furnace is not distributing heat as needed. Your home may feel chilly or stuffy, a sign to schedule a heating repair. Do not pay high energy bills due to a faulty furnace.

Other potential signs that an HVAC heating system malfunctions include:
  • Worn out bearings
  • Damaged wiring
  • Frayed or broken belts
  • Cracked heat exchanger
  • Pilot control problems

Our technicians are often asked whether a replacement unit installation or furnace repair is the most appropriate option. We recommend that you examine the cost of repairs versus installing a new unit to determine what to do. If you have an old system that frequently fails and are dissatisfied with its performance, it is also a sign that you should install a modern furnace.

However, a repair might be all your unit needs most of the time; it may still have a long lifespan. Also, the furnace’s lifespan depends on your care. If you regularly call our professionals to examine and repair your unit, it might stay for over a decade.