Even better than a warm winter at home is reliable, affordable heating thanks to your new furnace installation in Germantown, MD. We make it happen at Markool Heating & Cooling HVAC company with NATE-certified technicians and top quality equipment.

Let us review the latest furnace replacement systems with you, upgraded in response to recent changes in government standards. In particular, where your existing heater typically has about 60 percent efficiency, modern heating systems start at 80. Some hit the high 90s! Along with a few carefully selected details like ductwork repairs and insulation, you’ll feel a lot better about turning up the heat for freezing cold weather!

Picking the right new heating system is just a matter of selecting the right HVAC company. With high standards of professionalism and HVAC excellence, you’ll find it’s a pleasure to work with Markool Heating & Cooling. We’ll answer your questions, provide advice and recommendations, and create a heating system you’ll be proud of.