Installing a new home heating system can take a few days to weeks for most homes. However, heating system installation can be quicker with the right circumstances. All properties are not alike, but with enough time, we can give a rough estimate. We can give you a customized answer based on these factors.

The Heating System Design

Knowing the type and size of the heating system you want to install is significant. Each requires different installation techniques depending on whether they operate on gas or electricity. Contact Markool Heating & Cooling for more information on our heating system offerings in Frederick, MD.

Heating systems with complicated wiring and ductwork take longer to install than new systems attached to existing parts. In addition, larger heaters take longer than smaller ones because they contain more configuration to sort through. It often requires heavy machinery to help carry them inside to a suitable location without damage.

Home Size, Age, and Needs

Inspecting a home is the first impression for a technician to decide what furnace type it can support. The technician takes measurements, analyzes the floor plan, checks the windows and doors, and looks at the gas and electrical line layout. Your input on the system type, budget, and the number of people living there is also in mind.

Conversely, older homes take longer to install a heating system than a new one. They need more insulation as it could be more energy efficient. They may need to upgrade to compatible parts because the current ones are obsolete. In addition, squeezing a new heating system inside an outdated structure poses challenges. Also, two-story homes take more time to install than one-story homes because they have more area to cover.

New vs. Existing Parts

As the technician examined the home, the setup from the previous heating system was under serious consideration. Heating systems compatible with existing components take less time to install than creating a new configuration from scratch. For example, ductwork may need adjustments to adapt to the new system. That takes more time to do than ductwork with no adjustments. Alterations to existing gas or electrical lines to suit the new heating system will also stretch installation time.

Simple vs. Complicated Accessibility

It usually takes between 2 and 4 hours on average to remove old heating systems. Therefore, the location of existing heating systems can speed up or slow it down. Your time varies based on the location and removal complexity. It should be easy to access, but it’s only sometimes the case. Removing old heating systems in a tight or hard-to-access area takes longer.

A home with no heating system makes installation more straightforward. After analyzing the home’s configurations, the technician can install it immediately. The chosen location must be accessible yet out of the way to avoid accidental bumps.

Additional Hiccups

These are a snippet of what can occur but only part of the list. Other delays, features, and upgrades not on the list can affect installation time:

  • Upgrading a thermostat
  • Adding an air purification system
  • Adjusting ventilation and air vents
  • Waiting for parts to arrive

Technical Skill

An inexperienced DIY technician will make mistakes like saying a heating system is compatible and discover it’s incompatible later. The inexperienced DIY technician may install it correctly, but it takes weeks to finish, costing you time and money. Installing a heating system requires skill and expertise that a trained and experienced technician from a reputable company can provide.

Our technicians have years of experience installing various heating systems in many homes. Markool Heating & Cooling technicians can connect wires and gas lines to the right connections without error. Our experienced technicians confidently navigate delays and complications that may arise during installation to ensure the system works as it should.

Choose Us for Heating System Installation and Much More

Our HVAC technicians at Markool Heating & Cooling will inspect your home and include old system removal, prep work, and testing to determine your installation time. Call us to service your heater and AC when repairs are needed. We offer financing with approved credit to help you purchase a new heater or AC and offer maintenance membership plans with bountiful benefits. We have plumbing services and air duct cleaning, too. Contact Markool Heating & Cooling for more information on heating, cooling, and plumbing around the Frederick, MD service area.

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