There are many reasons you might need an AC repair in Clarksburg, MD. Our team at Markool Heating & Cooling can help you determine what’s causing the problem and work to provide a viable solution. The first heat wave or dramatic rise in temperature can trigger hidden problems in your AC equipment. Whether your unit has completely failed or it shows signs of an impending breakdown, a professional approach is the answer. Our AC service team handles repairs for all major air conditioning brands and models. That includes systems we didn’t install, high-performance products, and older units, too.

Do you suspect there’s a problem with your AC system? Many times, an air conditioner will begin to break down internally without totally failing. These types of issues can show up as uneven airflow, excess indoor humidity, or bad odors. It’s important to take care of ongoing issues so you can reverse the problem ASAP. A poorly installed system or one that’s incorrectly sized can also create the need for a repair. We can assist you in pinpointing and assessing ongoing issues and outline a reliable fix.

Trusted Clarksburg AC Repair Company

When your cooling unit breaks, your indoor air can turn hot and uncomfortable quickly. Our knowledgeable technicians can solve all kinds of AC upsets for you. This includes failures that occur with central cooling units, packaged products, and more. We can replace worn parts, address refrigerant problems, fix leaks, and repair thermostats. Don’t hesitate to let your technician know you have questions about your AC. We’re happy to help our customers improve their understanding of how to use and enjoy their indoor temperature systems.

Your residential air conditioner can display symptoms before it falters or breaks down.
  • Short cycling
  • Blowing warm air
  • Causing sharp spikes in energy use
  • Making loud noises during operation
  • Going through temperature fluctuations

An emergency situation is no problem when you work with our team. We offer a 24/7 repair response for those times when waiting too long isn’t an option. Our technicians will arrive fully prepared to handle your repair needs using solid workmanship. Our goal is to get your AC up and running again at full speed and optimal efficiency.