Markool Heating & Cooling provides residential property owners with dependable AC maintenance in Clarksburg, MD. Making sure your air conditioner is ready to support you during the summer is vital for continued indoor comfort. It’s best to schedule an AC tune-up before the hot weather arrives. You’ll enjoy an immediate difference in the quality of your indoor experience.

Plus, you’ll know the current condition of your AC and have time to plan for any repairs your technician identifies. We offer thorough maintenance services that cover every area of your home’s cooling system.

Experienced AC Maintenance in Clarksburg

Don’t wait to address the condition of your AC equipment. Skipping AC maintenance for a season or more can result in an unwanted break down. Systems without proper care often fail with the first sharp rise in outdoor temperatures. This is due to the demand placed on the compromised AC system. Misaligned components, safety issues and broken parts can cause a host of issues and eventual system failure. Our team can service any major brand or air conditioning model you may own.

When you use your AC every day, its components can begin to fail. This is a normal result of continual use. Our service technicians are fully trained to address the cleaning and calibrating process. We also run a safety test to ensure all connections are working properly and securely fastened.

Our team handles tune-ups for all types of cooling systems, including central units, packaged products and high-performance equipment. We’ll also check your thermostat to make sure it’s working correctly and can support your cooling needs for another season.

Has your air conditioner displayed any of the common signs of a needed system tune-up?
  • Blows lukewarm or hot air
  • Creates slow or uneven air delivery
  • Delivers smelly air
  • Makes noise or rattles during operation
  • Provides poor temperature control

Checking refrigerant levels and air filters are also included in your tune-up service. The goal is to deliver complete preventative services designed to keep your system operational all summer long. Our team will let you know about any needed repairs before finishing up your visit. You’ll always be in control of the services we provide for your indoor air.