You can turn to Markool Heating & Cooling if you need a company that handles AC installation services in Clarksburg, MD. A new AC can bring comfort to you and your household, especially during the hot summer. You’ll have a variety of options, made by a number of reputable manufacturers. They should all work effectively and may have their own advantages. If you seek out professional help with your AC installation or AC replacement, you won’t feel alone as you make your decisions. You can receive guidance on what type of AC system might work best given your home’s configuration, your personal preferences and your budget.

Clarksburg AC Installation Services

If you plan on moving into a new home in Clarksburg, you’ll have the opportunity to design it according to your preferences. Your AC system will play a major role in the summer.

If you have an older AC that shows signs of damage, replacing it instead of repairing it may work out in your favor. You might have difficulty determining when to say goodbye to an old unit, but you can get help from an HVAC company when making the decision. In general, you should replace systems older than 10 years that have major issues.

When getting ready for an AC replacement or installation, you’ll want to look for a model appropriate for the size your home. If you don’t get a unit with enough cooling capacity, it’ll have to work extra hard to keep up with demands. Even so, it might not get your home to your desired temperature on hot and humid days. On the other hand, if you purchase a system designed for a home much bigger than yours, it will quickly get your home to the right temperature. This means that it will turn off again soon after turning on. Unfortunately, this short cycling places a lot of stress on your system.

Other factors can also influence what type of new AC system you end up getting for your Clarksburg home.
  • Efficiency rating
  • How many zones you prefer
  • Layout of home
  • Amount of shade on home

In addition to the square footage of your home, its configuration also matters. High ceilings, an open layout and whether a home gets shade during the summer can affect what type of AC would work. You’ll want to consider your efficiency preferences as well. The industry uses SEER ratings to measure efficiency. New ACs have SEER ratings of at least 14, and SEER ratings could get even higher, into the 20s.