Putting off pre-season maintenance on your air conditioning unit can lead to regret once the warmer weather hits. Your AC unit will perform much better under extreme heat if it has been inspected and properly maintained before summer rolls around.

From the moment you begin using your AC unit, it begins to collect dust and debris, which builds up and ultimately impacts the unit’s overall performance. Although preventative maintenance may seem like an unnecessary cost to some, it ensures your cooling system performs efficiently and lasts longer. Here are three reasons why it’s a good idea to have your unit serviced before the summer season.

1. Helps Avoid Major Repairs

As the temperatures begin to rise, you depend on your AC unit to keep your home cool, so the last thing you want is for it to break down. A poorly maintained unit will be more prone to breakdowns during the heat of the summer because extreme temperatures can put extra stress on it.

In addition, many air conditioning problems start off minor, but if they’re ignored for too long and maintenance isn’t performed, they can lead to a much bigger problem later on. For example, a clogged air filter is typically easy to fix, but if left untreated, it can block airflow, increase energy costs, freeze the unit’s coils, and lead to unnecessary wear and tear on your unit.

Pre-season maintenance from a professional HVAC technician will include an inspection of your unit, cleaning, and repair of any issues detected. This will allow you to head into summer without worrying about whether your unit is ready to take on the weather ahead. Not only that, but emergency repairs are much more expensive than pre-season maintenance, and summer is usually a busy time for HVAC professionals. You may end up waiting longer to get repairs done and paying significantly more if your unit breaks down in the middle of the season.

2. Addresses Issues Caused by the Cold Season

Winter weather can impact an outdoor cooling unit in a number of ways, which is another reason you should conduct maintenance in the spring. Colder weather can cause lines, pipes, and coils within your unit to freeze, which leads moisture to build up in outdoor units. Although outdoor units can be covered when not in use, this doesn’t always prevent issues from occurring. As a precaution, you should ensure that a professional inspects both the indoor and outdoor units so you can fix any damage caused by the winter weather.

3. Prolongs the Life of the Unit

Just like any piece of equipment, regular wear and tear is normal for an AC unit, but preventative maintenance helps reduce the amount of stress the unit is under. For instance, AC units include a variety of moving components that must be lubricated regularly. If this isn’t done, the extra friction can cause them to become loose or slow down.

Regular maintenance gives professionals an opportunity to remove any debris or dust that has clogged the fans, ducts, and coils within the unit. It’s also an opportunity to address any cracks or leaks that have developed. Each of these preventative tasks help your unit reach, or even exceed, its expected lifespan so you don’t have to spend extra money on a new one sooner than expected.

Let Our Team Help You

Preventative maintenance is key to extending the life of your AC unit, avoiding mid-summer breakdowns, preparing your unit to cool your home efficiently, and reducing costly repairs. Don’t wait to schedule an appointment with our professionals at Markool Heating & Cooling in Frederick, MD. With services that will keep your unit running smoothly and technicians that have the expertise and diagnostic tools to thoroughly inspect your unit and correct any issues so you can have peace of mind that the job was done right, you can rest assured knowing your unit will continue to operate efficiently to keep you comfortable all summer long.

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